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July 18, 2002

The Official EFFL Website is completely updated.  Now ot is time to prepare for the 2002 season.  
Here is the draft order:
(1). Brad Drewyor
(2). Marc Naderer
(3). Geoff Drewyor
(4). Ryan Travis
*the 1st 4 picks will be decided by lottery.
5. Brandon Mitchell
6. Nick Dangler
7. Brian Losey
8. Quentin Stang

*Also note that Brad will have two 2nd round picks (Ryan will have none) & Ryan will have two 8th round picks (Brad will have none) per last year's trade.

For the 1st (and only) yo yo yo khghjkgjkhgkjhgjkhgjkhgkjhgjkhgjk is being kicked out for not sending starters ever.

It is time to start considering draft day for the 2002 season.  I would be happy to have it at my house again if that's easiest for everyone.  The season starts THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH, so maybe SATURDAY, AUGUST 31ST or SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST would be good days.  Please let me know if either of those days would work.

Changes to the website for this season:
As you can see, nothing is being drastically changed on the website because I like it this way.  However, I have improved the website technologically each year that I've been commissioner, and I will not disappoint this year.  I am 99% sure that everyone will be able to see their scores every week UP TO THE MINUTE during the season.  I will give out the website's name and password once I set it up after the draft.  For the official results each week, you will still have to wait until Tuesdays in the evening when I can get them on the website.

That's all for now.  Check out the player PROFILES (by clicking on your team logo) and STATS OF THE DECADE if you want to see all of the updated stats, records, etc.

I almost forgot... I was bored, so I put a page on the website without any obvious way to get to it.  If you can find the link to it and answer the trivia question correctly, I'll add your name here:
Kevin Slates 6-20
Brandon Mitchell 6-21
Nick Dangler 6-26
Wendy Blausey 7-13